Codabl Financial Analysts.

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Anomaly Detection

BrainRex can look at your unstructured time series data and detect outliers in the data without supervision.

Price Sentiment

We have created .

Entity Analyzer

BrainRex aims to be the single, and only, tool needed to get data from A to B.

Data Integrations

BrainRex unifies time-series, text, and images at the source, making it easy to collect and ship all observability data.


Programmable transforms give you the full power of programmable runtimes. Handle complex use cases without limitation.

On promise Solution

Guarantees matter, and BrainRex is clear on it's guarantees, helping you to make the appropriate trade offs for your use case.

Installs Everywhere

Fully static, no dependencies, no runtime, memory safe
Integrates with everything
Runs on power
Runs on cloud
A single API

Install with a one-liner:

  • Python
  • Node

All client SDKs: